Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Pisa, and major frustration at the train station

A few thoughts on Italian trains. 
  • It shouldn't take an hour to buy a train ticket. 
  • Trains bound north, should not decide mid-trip to turn south and not make the stops listed. 
  • Ticket kiosks that say they take €20 bills should not tell you they don't have change after you have already put your money in.
  • And then in order to get your change, you should not be made to wait in another one hour line in a room that is about 110 degrees with no fan or air conditioning.
Our afternoon trip Pisa ended up being an 8 hour excursion.


  1. I'm detecting just a little frustration . . . .

  2. where did they get a picture of me in my shorts?

  3. AC,
    I have a little bit of trouble finding you there...hmmm...which one is you? The super buff guy in the blue shorts or the skinny pale one in white shorts with a hidden weapon of mass destruction?