Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Can I just hate people for a little bit longer?

Or maybe I should say just hate one person—the owner of this dog. I would like to starve them, infect them with a flesh eating parasite, and leave it untreated until their skin is permanently scared and constantly bleeding. What would make a person think this is okay to ignore? Elizabeth and I were asked to photograph her in the hopes that her owner would come in to claim her, and then could be charged with animal cruelty. Anybody want a hungry, super sweet golden retriever mix with severe mange? If she makes it through the next few days she will need a forever home...


  1. Audrey didn't want to send hugs and kisses to this dog, but instead she wanted to send some medicine to this poor dog. She wanted him/her to feel better soon.

  2. That is so sweet!! What a kind heart Audrey has. You can tell her that Penny is getting better and she has been moved to the SPCA, which means she will find a good home for sure! Penny is a very good doggie and will be much prettier very soon.