Monday, June 14, 2010

Backtracking. Favorties since May 2010.

As the first post, here are a few of my favorites since May 1, 2010.

Each post from here on out will be an excerpt from my visual journal. Some of these images may make their way into larger bodies of work (i.e. SILENT HOME, BREEDING IGNORANCE, MILKBONES) But many won't.

Any feedback is warmly welcomed.


  1. I love the tension in the images of the women .... very unexpected when considering the environment and possible social status ... I LOVE THAT !
    If you have face book I would like to make you my friend . I have been posting work on there as well .
    Again great work

  2. Thank you Joe! You are very perceptive and I love your eye for communication. I am going to find you on facebook (as soon as I can get my internet communication over here figured out)!! Thanks again for your interest and comments. I have been following your blog too.